Also: everything related to pre-production. This part is kind of a big deal. It's everything required to shoot day one of production. Listening. Distilling story. Writing script or outline. Developing shot lists. Scheduling production. Every production is first about story, so we get it write here. It's the puzzle box cover for the rest of the project. 


Production. We gather the puzzle pieces. Here's where story and art, light and movement collide. It's an artistic experience (even in the corporatest of contexts!) and the show and tell that we're 'seeing' as each shot is carefully chosen and composed.


We look back at the puzzle box cover, pick out the pieces and put it together. It's mindnumbingly simple - aah, if only that were true. But the concept is. And dialogue and communication continue their significance through the final cut as what may have been mystical to a client at pre-production comes into sharp focus in post-production. And the audience goes wild.